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The O'Donnell Family always advises anyone recently bereaved to take extra time in making any emotional or financial decision. This would include your family memorial. Don't leave it to others to just "take care of it" for you. Get all your information and costs in writing so you know your options in advance and always compare multiple quotations as they differ quite substantially in our area. We invite you to counsel with a member of our family before making your final selection. We can help you choose a suitable memorial that will be appropriate in design, authentic in symbolism and meticulous in craftsmanship. Appointments are made at your convenience [days, evenings and weekends] at your family's cemetery or in the privacy of your home. 

Appointments are not necessary for duplicating existing flat markers on your family plot or engraving additional names and dates on an existing monument. Just call or email us with your loved one's name, dates and cemetery information. At absolutely no cost or obligation, we will physically inspect the monument at that cemetery and promptly send a detailed written estimate. We do all of this work "in-house". You speak with the people who have the experience and actually do the work! We do not sub-contract our engraving and restoration work as all funeral homes and cemeteries must do. Since there is no "middleman mark-up", we can pass significant savings on to you directly.

Our email address is info@ODonnellMonument.com

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